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The goal of the Restoration Consortium is to broaden research and implementation approaches to restoration of wildland, upland, rangeland and aquatic environments, and to facilitate a variety of degree and certificate options to students and professionals alike.

Utah State University

Quinney College of Natural Resources - the college houses and administers the restoration degree program and departments that emphasize restoration in their curriculum

Quinney College of Natura Resources

Watershed Sciences – provide the basis for degrees and certificate curriculum for undergraduate and graduate work in aquatic ecosystem restoration and stream restoration.



Anabranch Solutions –Alternative Restoration and Conservation solutions that scale up to address the scope of restoration challenges

Anabranch Solutions

Government Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's)

Our close partnership with many government agencies and NGO's underpin the necessity for crosswalk between research, training, and practical problems and their solutions on public land that affect critical natural systems.



Wildland Sciences – Restoration objectives for rangeland, upland, and highland landscapes.


And many more...