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Master's of Ecological Restoration

Our Program

The NEW Master of Ecological Restoration degree program has passed the final major hurdle in approvals at USU. Students will be able to enroll in the program starting this summer (2021).  

Degree Objectives: The Master of Ecological Restoration (MoER) enables WATS undergraduates to obtain a professional Master’s degree in one year, following completion of the MRAE or FAS degree. The degree is designed to prepare graduates for a career as a restoration practitioner. 

The Master of Ecological Restoration (MoER) degree combines coursework, an internship, and design exercises. A master's degree is the preferred entry point into the workforce in the field of ecosystem restoration and this new degree enables students to obtain a BS degree and MoER degree within a five-year time frame.

The MoER builds on research and teaching expertise of existing WATS, QCNR and USU faculty, several of whom are internationally renowned as leaders in ecosystem restoration. The curriculum and professional development opportunities of the MoER program will provide graduates with a competitive advantage when applying for restoration and ecosystem management jobs, which will in turn improve WATS recruitment, persistence, and retention. MoER is a coursework intensive program targeting students who aspire to careers as restoration practitioners.

The mission of the WATS MoER program is to prepare future restoration professionals with the perspective and skillsets needed to assess the condition of wetland, lake and stream ecosystems; identify causes of degradation; and develop and implement plans for restoration of ecosystem health.

Director: Patrick Belmont

Program Administrator: Curtis Gray

Location: BNR 358B

Phone: (435) 797- 3794