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Construction of Low Tech Restoration Structures
CEWA 6900


​This 2-day course is a hands-on, field based course focused on in-the-field implementation of cheap and cheerful stream restoration. We will cover the principles behind cheap and cheerful restoration and spend most of our time in the field building and maintaining Beaver Dam Analogs (BDAs) and Post-Assisted Log-Structures (PALS). This course is designed for individuals/groups that are responsible for implementing the restoration designs of more experienced practitioners. We will focus on interpreting and understanding restoration design through applied understanding of basic cheap and cheerful principles and focus on logistic considerations and construction methods of a variety of restoration structures.
​There are thousands of miles of degraded streams and rivers across the United States. In order to address the scale of degradation of our streams and rivers we need approaches to restoration that can be applied over large areas and for lower costs than traditional, engineering-based approaches. This workshop focuses on two ‘cheap and cheerful’ stream restoration structures, BDAs and PALS. 
Cost: $875 (early bird save $200 before May 15!)
June 25-26, 2019

Instruction Team

Karin Kettenring

Scott Shahverdian

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Frank Howe

Joe Wheaton

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